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Google sued over sex party images

by Robin Okuthe
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Max Mosley, Ex-Formula one boss, is filing a suit against Google for publishing his pictures with prostitutes at a sex party. Google is accused of misusing private information and violating the Data Protection Act.

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74-year-old Mosley needs Google to block images initially published within the now-inactive newspaper News of the World, which he sued successfully in 2008. Mosley won damages from the newspaper after publishing a story claiming he had created a Nazi-themed orgy.

The newspaper has filmed recordings of the former president of the FIA, a motor sport’s world governing body, with five prostitutes.

After the judge ruled, there was no proof to the accusation that there had been a Nazi theme to the sex party and that his privacy had been violated. Mosley, the son of fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, received a compensation of £60000.

The High Court also stated in that ruling that the article was not within the public interest.

Payne Hicks Beach, Mosley’s lawyer said the novel proceedings against the parent firm Google Inc and Google UK follow “wide attempts to convince Google to bring the matter to an end outside the courts.”

“We have worked together with Mosley to address his problem and taken down several URLs, which he has informed us,” said a Google spokeswoman.

Mosley has previously won similar cases in Germany and France.

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