Microsoft will no longer support old browsers


Microsoft has announced that starting January 12, 2016 it will only support the most recent copy of Internet Explorer (IE) for the various versions of Windows. Any individual using older versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser will in the near future no longer receive bug fixes and security updates for the software.

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The move puts an end to a long existing strategy of offering support for various IE versions. According to Microsoft, the move would improve security and assist developers who would only be required to support newer browsers.

Microsoft explained the changes in its blogpost stating that commercial clients who had “standardized” on previous IE versions should begin making plans to migrate to the latest releases.

Microsoft promised to offer resources and assistance for customers to make sure web-based programs and applications made for older IE versions continue to function with newer versions.

“The change should assist developers since they will no longer be needed to support the old technologies in those older browsers,” Microsoft said.

The change implies that Microsoft will be only supporting versions 9 and above of Internet Explorer. Users of various Window editions will be expected to use the most recent copy for that release.

Microsoft has also moved further to improve security on its browser. Starting August 12, 2014 Explorer will block outdated add-ons, called ActiveX controls, for the program.

“Outdated add-ons are often targeted by cyber-thieves as a way to destroy browsers and steal information. The regular monthly IE update will make the change that blocks outdated add-ons,” Microsoft said in a statement.