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South Africa’s Lendico receives InfoSeal Certification award

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Lendico, an online loans marketplace, has been certified with an Orange Seal as part of the InfoSeal Website Compliance Program (IWCP), which is a clear indication that the company has complied with strict privacy and information standards.

Lendico is a transparent online marketplace that directly connects borrowers and investors, thereby removing the need for banks and passing the resulting savings on to its customers. The nature of the service requires Lendico to collect, process and store customers’ personal information.

InfoSeal’s solution is tailored for the South African environment and assures users that the Lendico website complies with the IWCP. More specifically, it provides assurance that customers’ information is being processed in a way that does not infringe on their privacy and is in accordance with Lendico South Africa’s stated privacy notice as displayed on its website.

Laurens Pohl, Managing Director for Lendico South Africa said: “We are committed to our users’ privacy and strive to build trust through transparency. By displaying the InfoSeal certification on our website, we can highlight our good reputation and reassure customers that we will uphold the highest standards of privacy and security.”

He added that Lendico has already received over 3 billion rand in loan demands globally, and that this figure will continue to grow as the marketplace builds on its reputation for value and transparency.

Deven Pillay, COO of InfoSeal, said: “The award of the certification seal demonstrates commitment by Lendico SA to manage personal information processed through its website according to a minimum set of privacy and information compliance guidelines.”

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