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Here’s the easy solution to 4K video uploads on Instagram

by Fredrick Gitaka
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The right video format for uploading Instagram isn’t something you consider at first. So, you have shot this amazing video in high-quality, and you just want your followers to see it. But, as soon as you upload the video and watch it, you realize everything has gone wrong with it.  The video looks blurry, it has been cropped badly, and overall it’s just a big disaster.Uploading high-quality 4K videos are more likely to get you views and followers. If you want to get them fast, you should check out these services: BuyBetterSocial and LightningLikes (prices are starting at $1).

The thing is that, on Instagram, you can upload videos with a maximum width of around 1080 pixels, but it is pointless to try to upload 4k to instagram, or just videos that have a high bitrate, on the platform. Instagram does not support 4K videos, and the result is the blurry, cropped up view that was discussed earlier.

So, what can you do when you want to upload 4K videos? Let’s find out!

Instagram specifications for video upload

4K is the newest standard of resolution that is meant for digital cameras and computer graphics. It comes with multiple advantages, like large projection surface visibility, HD image quality, highly detailed picture, and improved first action. In fact, it is at least four times better than the 1080P, which was held as the finest resolution at one point in time. It is really an issue that you can’t upload such superior quality videos to Instagram because of all the specifications it has. 245 105

In terms of specifications, Instagram wants your videos to be no less than three seconds long, with a composition size of 1080 pixels at the maximum. You can keep the video bitrate at 5,500 kbps, but Instagram will bring it down to 3,500 kbps. The frame rate has to be 29.96frames/second.

So, keeping these specifications in mind, in order to upload a 4K resolution video, you will need to bring it down to 1080 pixels, 3,500 kbps, and have 29.96 frames per second. Doing that means sacrificing the essence of your video to quite some extent. But, not anymore! The latest apps, like VideoProc, make sure that you can upload videos exactly according to the guidelines of Instagram, and still keep the quality intact.

Before you start uploading a 4k video on instagram, be sure to search and view instagram with the help of Gramvi which is a viewer for instagram. It will help you explore what your competitors are doing and upload your videos accordingly.

The latest solution for editing high resolution videos

VideoProc is here as an effective and quick solution to your video editing needs. You can easily process and touch up your large 4K or high definition footages from smartphones, DJI, GoPro, and the like without sacrificing on the quality. 

The 4k video editing software comes with a range of features that lets you convert, resize, and adjust your 4K videos. It is, in fact, the only completely GPU accelerated software available for video processing. Video decode/encode are both greatly accelerated when GPU acceleration is used. The work of transcoding and processing is also way faster with this software, and the output quality and file size remains the same nevertheless. 

Here are the three main features that make VideoProc such handy software for Instagram uploads:

  • Cut: Shorten a video to your liking even before you do other edit like splitting
  • Crop: Crop the video to improve composition and meet the requirements of Instagram
  • Merge: Merge multiple video files seamlessly even if they are in different formats 

So, if you are a dedicated Instagram influencer who needs to frequently upload such high definition videos, it is best if you just buy this software since you will be using it almost every day. You can start with the free trial version and buy it only if you see it meets your needs. The company also offers a thirty day money back guarantee in case the product is not up to your satisfaction.

Wrapping up

Though you cannot really upload 4K videos on Instagram, you will not have to sacrifice the quality of the uploaded videos, or even just give up on uploading such videos. All you need to do is download the right software and you can get the video processed according to the platform’s specifications.

The best part about VideoProc is that it is loaded with features. So, you will find it useful for a range of social media platforms since all of them have different specifications for video uploads.

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