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Kenya’s BoozeBox is Launching to Unbreak Your Chains

by Sam Wakoba
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boozeboxDrunk driving is horrible. Don’t do it. It’s not about the police, it’s about your life and your baby (Merc, BMW, Landcruiser, Jaguar, Hummer) or just helping you escape a prison sentence or fine.

Now instead of talking about it some awesome guys have decided to get dirty and do something tangible.  Naked Pizza‘s Ritesh Doshi, Mikul Shah and team said as they ”sat around eating lots of pizza we were always running out of wine and beer and thought “there’s gotta be somewhere we can get stuff to keep the party going.” There were a few places – but they either tried to rip us off or didn’t have what we wanted – so we started our own. Our idea is simple – get you the booze that you want, when you want, for prices that you’re used to paying.”

Launching in few weeks, BoozeBox  promises to keep your party going with drinks till you want no more. The startup promises to deliver table to sommelier-selected wines, mixing spirits to single malt whiskys, or shots to just about anything you call booze and maybe chocolate bar and a pack of cigarettes as add ons.
Delivery Information:


Banking on Naked Pizza’s delivery network, BoozeBox will deliver to select neighborhoods in Nairobi which you might find out if you want or already know if you order Pizza from them. And I guess they are going to make to be full service providers gracing over events such as launches, parties, weddings among others instead of just the indoor drinkers.

BoozeBox will only take minimum orders of Ksh 2,000,($23.6) and will charge KSh 200 ($2.4) for delivery. Clients can pay in cash (C.O.D), M-Pesa (Buy Goods), or VISA and MasterCard. This guys says there prices will comparative to supermarkets and other retailers and will only make money on delivery. Before BoozeBox in Kenya, there were guys like MIA International but only delivering wines and spirits though their site’s URL wasn’t renewed. Jumia had also tried half-heartedly to unbreak your unchains.

boozeboz1In Nigeria, our friends at are doing a great job.

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