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Zain Group Unveils ‘Hassa’, Sudan’s First Mobile Financial Service

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Zain Group has set camp in Sudan and has partnered with Bank of Khartoum to launch the country’s first ever mobile financial service called ‘Hassa’.

Hassa is an easy, instant and secure service that allows all Zain customers in the country to complete a wide range of financial transactions and operations, including money transfers and various other transactions, including paying bills and withdrawal of cash from Automated Teller Machines (ATM) without the requirement of opening a bank account.

Sudan’s Minister of Sciences and Telecommunications Dr. Tahani Abdallah offered her support to the new service, stating that the extension of financial services to the unbanked in Sudan will have a huge impact on the economic development and social enhancement of many communities across the country.

Elfaith Erwa, Zain Sudan’s CEO and Managing Director said: “’Hassa’ represents a true partnership between the banking and telecommunications sectors, and has the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of many Sudanese.

“Zain has cooperated successfully with the Bank of Khartoum for many years, and our mutual understanding and support has led us to being able to offer this much needed mobile banking service together.”

Central Bank of Sudan Governor Abdel Rahman Hassan expressed his enthusiasm over the economic and social gains that are likely to accrue from extending banking services to the unbanked, as well as for the potential ‘Hassa’ possesses in attracting more national savings through formalized channels.

“Hassa’ is a secure, easy and instant service, which does not have any operational complications and is available around the clock. In addition, it simplifies financial operations to the masses at all times as well as providing a low cost service to suit all users,” Fadi Al Faqih, CEO of the Bank of Khartoum

According to Omer Omarabi, Manager of the Electronic Banking Services company (EBS) in Sudan, ‘Hassa’ is a leap forward for Sudan as amongst other things it permits easy and fast payment means that assist electronic government projects and can be a tool in paying salaries for both governmental and private sectors.

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