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How Mobile Monitoring Is A Pro In Today’s World Of Technology?

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promoThe power of technology has laid a remarkable impact on our lives. You may agree that there was never a much closer thing to us than a mobile is now. Money is something that is always instructed to be in your pocket before leaving home. Though you are not supposed to take your wallet to bed and you won’t be checking it every 5 to 10 minutes, but you are doing it using a mobile.

According to the national study, mobile devices are changing parenting, childhood and family values. They have a great impact on family culture.

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Similarly, yesterday’s workplace was different than it is today. That was an era of large manual processes and lengthy project execution, but now you have your business information and employee information on your finger tips with the help of technology.

2The use of technology has become imperative to optimize the marketing efforts and to develop an ease of communication within an organization. Employers prefer to provide official mobiles to employees in order to avoid any inconvenience, especially to those who are working in the field. According to a survey, small businesses are using mobile technology for marketing purposes.

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Whether you consider it part of parental monitoring or employee monitoring, the need for mobile monitoring tools is becoming a must with such rapid increase in technology. Your quest for a handful monitoring app would be completed with the app that can tell you every bit about your kid’s phone and employee’s phone. Your pro in this case could be an app that offers exclusive features. StealthGenie can be your first choice as it’s one of the finest apps in the market that offer unique monitoring features in stealth mode. Yes, it is 100% undetectable.

3(2)How StealthGenie Can Balance The Use Of Technology?

You Can Monitor IM’s

Are you anxious to know with whom your kids are chatting frequently? What if they are sharing personal information with some anonymous people or to those who can potentially harm your kid’s reputation? As you know everyone is connected via WhatsApp, Viber or other instant messengers, so it would be the best option for you if you can look at all their chats through instant messengers.

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According to Pew Research overall 75% of teens text and much of this increase in found amongst teens 14-17 years old. You need to look at the chats that your kids have been making.

4You Can Check Call Logs

Who is calling your kid or your employee? What if your employee gets a call from a competitor and asks for personal information? You can’t overlook this as businesses have been facing these kinds of threats. Similarly you never know if your kid becomes a victim of identity theft.  In that case you need to look at their call logs, along with call recording options.  You will be glad to hear that StealthGenie is offering call recording options.

You Can Track Location

You can even track the location of your kid. Especially if you have any doubt that your kids are going to a place where they should not, or your employees are not in the field when they are supposed to be there. Moreover, you can also track the location history of your kids and employees.

5You Can Monitor Browsing History

Safe browsing is what comes at the top of parental monitoring. Though parents should provide safe cyber surfing values, but monitoring is still significant. Their exposure to potential harmful websites can be damaging for them.

So don’t you think that using a pro like StealthGenie can balance your need for technology? Yes, it will of course. When you have risks to your business and to the security of your kids, then you should install monitoring software to put your life at ease. Say “Yes” to it, and install it now!


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