Tigo and Airtel agree to integrate Money Transfer Services in Tanzania

Credited by: Corporate-digest.com

Tigopesa users can now receive or send money to Airtel customers following a move by both companies to put together their mobile financial services.

According to Diego Gutierrez, Tigo General Manager, the new service comes after a signed agreement between Airtel and Tigo in June this year.

Gutierrez further stated: “We are pleased to work with Airtel to expand the mobile money universe within Tanzania. The same way we co-operate with our competitors on texts and voice calls, we hope to do the same with mobile money and help make Tanzania a worldwide pioneer in digital financial inclusion.

“The agreements and systems formulated with Airtel were consistent with the Industry Standards made easier by International Finance Corporation (IFC) under the Central bank of Tanzania (BOT)’s mandate and initiative.”

According to Gutierrez, talks were already in progress to integrate Tigopesa service with other mobile financial networks to provide Tigo customers optimum convenience to send or receive money easily from relatives and friends on the remaining networks in Tanzania.

Tigo, Zantel and Airtel signed an agreement this year in June to allow customers within Tanzania use their mobile handsets to send money to each other.