Why Lumia 930 could be the year’s best business device



Mobile usage trends in Kenya are shifting as more people go for devices that perform more than basic tasks of calling and sending text messages. The rise of online media and affordable internet access are some of the reasons that can be associated to this trend. Devices with brilliant features and offered at every price point are quickly winning hearts, so it’s not surprising that Lumia devices are gaining ground in the market.

Microsoft recently launched the Lumia 930, a device that combines the very best of Microsoft and Lumia. A powerful 2.2GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM ensure the Lumia 930 delivers superb performance as your business phone.

Firstly, it’s the first high-end Lumia to run Windows Phone 8.1. software, which has been designed to combine the best of Microsoft’s mobile and desktop ecosystems. Thanks to a bundle of new synchronization features (just log into a Microsoft account to sync everything from the screen to settings, documents, photos, themes and favourites), mobile workers will feel at home on any compatible device.

The OS upgrade also means that Lumia 930 has Skype integrated with the dialer app, so any normal business phone call be upgraded to a video call at the tap of a key. The calendar’s enhanced user interface gives executives an even better overview of future engagements and tasks, while the new action center keeps tabs of business-critical alerts and notifications.

The phone has a 5-inch full HD 1080p display, readable in broad daylight at the bus station, and route to a meeting, or over lunch.

The Lumia 930′s impressive imaging credentials include a 20-megapixel Pure View camera with Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization, and four microphones for recording high-definition audio. The smartphone’s big 2420 mAh battery is ideal for flexible working hours, with wireless charging built-in for quick power boosts during office visits. What’s more, the 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor will ensure silky smooth multi-tasking.

While the Lumia 930′s stylish metal and polycarbonate design will evoke envious glances at meetings, the latest flagship Lumia is also packed with business apps. These include Lync (a free download) for corporate messaging as well as the indispensable Microsoft Office Mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote). For professional wordsmiths, it’s great news that typing on the Lumia 930 is possible without lifting fingers between keys on the keyboard.

Team documents, notes, tasks and presentations can be stored and shared with SharePoint or OneDrive, and Adobe Reader is free to download. For IT managers and professional enterprise grade assistance, Expert Centre is available online for expert advice, answers and peer-to-peer discussions on Lumia and business solutions.

For IT management with enterprise-grade requirements, the best news may well be the Lumia 930′s upgraded Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities. These include the ability to push VPN, Exchange and SharePoint settings, to name just a few, centrally to all employees. As a result, employees will have even easier access to enterprise services.

Along with the security features Lumia devices are famed for, the Lumia 930 also comes with auto-triggered VPN and S/MIME support, automatic Wi-Fi provisioning and the possibility to whitelist and blacklist applications for corporate users.