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APO Introduces Social Media Analysis reporting for Press Releases in Africa

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African Press Organization (APO), the press release newswire in Africa as well as the worldwide leader in media relations relating to Africa has announced the introduction of a social media analysis reporting for press releases within Africa.

social media analysis reporting

According to APO, a complete social media analysis reporting will currently be included as a complimentary service to respond to client’s needs to measure the social media response to their press releases across Africa.

APO further mentioned: “The comprehensive report will provide figures on social media volume on the continent, geographic location, major influencers, sentiment and other data, giving clients factors to analyze specifically within social conversations, virality, and sharing volume.”

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, founder and CEO of APO also noted: “The social media analytics reports will enable our clients issuing press releases to measure their social media in Africa. With that information, they can collect sentiment analysis, and identify major influencers and geographical hotspots. This added service enables clients to identify and engage with influencers in Africa and to interact with their followers.”

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard

The conversation produced on social media in response to a press release conveys a unique perspective, which is monitored by APO’s social media analytic report.

“It is composed of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, Flickr, Vimeo and over three million RSS feeds. These valuable analytics, not just raw data, measures the success of a press release, which then reflects on volume, the matrixes posts made about the press release, when they happened and who posted or read them.

“The report includes the reach and spread of the potential primary and secondary audience of posts about the release in addition to the degree to which the press release influenced the intended audience based on a Klout score. The report indicates the key words and phrases that appear most often in conjunction with the press release. It provides a useful tool to visualize geographical break down of Africa’s demographic conversations about the press release – all on a map of Africa to give a snapshot,” APO stated.

APO is the generator of Africa Wire®, the newswire service for press release distribution and monitoring in Africa. This reaches more than 50,000 media outlets, social networks and bloggers, and redistributes content to over 50 African websites, in addition to Bloomberg Terminal, Reuters, Dow Jones Factiva, Thomson, Lexis Nexis, 250 million mobile subscribers in 30 countries, and more.

Used by some of the world’s leading companies, institutions, PR agencies and organizations, APO Africa Wire® is likely to reach 600 million people and guarantees the widest outreach in Africa, where clients can directly target audiences in all corners of the continent and the world.

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