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NERDC and Sidmach Technologies partner to launch e-Curriculum in Nigeria

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Sidmach Technologies in partnership with the Nigeria Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) have launched an advanced curriculum powered by Microsoft computer software and Intel processor.

The e-curriculum solution, which brings curriculum for both teachers and students online, is a complete learning and teaching tool that assists teachers teach while students learn better. Additionally, the solution offers an interactive, collaborative and analytic learning environment for students and teachers.

Speaking at the event, Akinola Babatunde, the Corporate Affairs Manager of INTEL Corporations Nigeria expressed how pleased he was at the role played by Intel in developing the e-Curriculum, explaining that it involved the development of a scalable portal for digital version of the current curriculum by NERDC.

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He further stated: “Intel is pleased to be linked with such a new initiative that has led to the creation of the e-Curriculum. It is common knowledge that Intel Explore and Learn is a digital based portal that has been in the front line of advancing the frontiers of teaching and learning by taking it beyond the four walls of the classrooms and more accessible to students and the teachers. Like the Intel Explore and Learn portal, the new e-Curriculum will be powered by Intel processor with support from Microsoft Windows platform.”

Patrick Onwumere, the Director, Education for Microsoft Nigeria, also mentioned, “It is an approved fact that the pace at which the economy of a country develops is strongly related to its ability to access and use knowledge, the achievement of which is largely attributable to the distribution and development of ICT.”

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The e-curriculum was praised as a welcome development especially within the face of the global digitalization trend as well as the unlimited use to which online medium can be placed.

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