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CEO WEEKENDS: Seacom Boosts Internet Services in Uganda

Seacom, an optic fiber company, has announced the opening of a shop at Airtel house in Kampala after obtaining an endorsement from Uganda Communications commission.

Seacom Uganda

The establishment a point of presence (PoP) at Airtel house will help the company connect devices to the internet. According to Byron Clatterbuck, Seacom’s chief commercial officer, the company would provide different telecom services.

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He further added, “Our new license permits us to own and run our network all the way between Kampala and our international network. This will help bring more global connectivity to Uganda while improving the quality of the broadband experience for Ugandans.”

According to Seacom, through the connections Uganda would have more direct access to worldwide communication interconnection points as well as the global internet.

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