Kenya’s Social Data Startup Utafitini Wants to Help Researchers Make Sense of Geo-Data


10478684_521038058032148_1530247503798419949_nLaunched in beta a few weeks ago, Utafitini is a social-data network that aims to enable users to share anonymously and provide other uses with social data for their tasks.

Utafitini is Swahili word for research and the startup is promising to revolutionize how people share data, why they share data and how they use the shared data.

Speaking to TechMoran, CTO and co-founders  Ms Thgin Edoc said, ” We are continuously improving to provide you with a first class data collection, analysis and visualization tool. We’re a group of researchers, data analysts and technologists who aim at using data to engage, enlighten and mobilize people all over the world.”

Though still in it’s infant stages, Utafitini aims to access to information and research tools easily to provide the world with a better understanding of Geo related information for instance studying a disease in a specific region say Ebola in some parts of West Africa or malnutrition in selected areas of the a city or a surbub or case studies into regional education and culture among others.

While the concept is not new and most users might not understand what this is all about, the functionalities that the startup wants to provide its users are new. The beta portal has four planned phases and the current live portal being the first phase.

Utafitini aggregates posts based on the counties that users are posting from creating a county based newsfeed populated by county’s residents. Edoc says the first version of utafitini is an anonymous community where people can feel free to express themselves behind screen names. The startup is planning to release more features through it’s four predetermined phases.