Malawi’s Wants to Connect Youths to Jobs



Unemployment is a global problem and an obstace to both individuals and economies at large, the more unemployed a population, the more the social evils such as crime, prostitution among others.

Malawi’s aims to help both employers and job seekers find the right employee and the right job respectively. connects people with jobs and entrepreneurship for free. The platform promotes employment among the population and facilitates individuals to maximise their potential in any area of interest and earn a living.

At the moment the firm says companies can advertise jobs on the site for free and receive online job applications through the site’s dashboard for free. Job seekers also access the service for free as long as they register, upload their CVs making it easier for employers to find them on the site’s database for free. Job seekers can also apply for jobs online using the platform- for free.

“ recognizes that there are few employment opportunities in Malawi and not everyone can get a job,” says the company on its site. “The site provides the space for such individuals to enhance their skills in various areas or attempt entrepreneurship. They can adopt Jobonology principles- doing whatever they enjoy doing and earn a living. All this is Free.”