How to Protect Your History and Other Data in Google Chrome with a Password Lock.


Every website you visit is saved in your browsing history. Furthermore, you may have bookmarks and other private information that anyone with access to the browser can access. Some of you may have considered adding a password to Google Chrome, however there is currently no such option.

However, several extensions available on the Chrome Webstore allow you to add password protection to Chrome. Here’s how to use Google Chrome’s password lock feature to protect your browser history and other information.

Set Password Lock in Google Chrome

Steps to Add LockPW

To get to the LockPW extensions page, click this link. Alternatively, you may look for it in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Click Add to Chrome on the extension’s page. A page will open in a new tab once the extension has been installed. Here you’ll learn how the extension works and how to prevent Chrome from utilizing it on the website. You can read it before moving on to the next step.
  • By pressing the next button, you’ll be sent to the Additional settings page. The password will be entered in a box on the right side for the first time.
  • I’ve input both the password and the password hint, as you can see. Finally, save your changes, and the password protection will be enabled. If you wish to disable the protection, simply press the power button, and it will be disabled.
  • Additional options include Auto lock, logging, hotkeys, and many others.

How LockPW Works?

The lockPW extensions will begin operating once you have added the extension and specified a password. When you launch the browser now, it will prompt you for your password before allowing you to access any pages.

If you’ve already set up a password, LockWP will prompt you for it when it starts up. However, you can use the basic keyboard commands to block the browser while using it. To lock the browser, click CTRL + Shift + L on Windows or Command + Shift + L on Mac.

It’s not as difficult as you would assume to lock Google Chrome. All you have to do is install the LockPW Chrome extension and create a password. Chrome will now prompt you for your password every time you open it. This is how you can use Google Chrome to create a password. I hope this information is useful to you. Bookmark our site for more technology-related tips, tricks, and solutions.