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BrighterMonday, Facebook & Airtel partner to offer free online content access to jobseekers

by Caroline Vutagwa
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bm has joined hands with Facebook’s to increase content consumption from various websites using a set of free web services; this means that users will be able to surf websites without incurring any data charges.

This offer however is only for Airtel customers; they will be able to access some websites via their mobile devices. This is possible after Airtel Kenya agreed to zero rate data charges to its subscribers, for them to access important content such as Jobs, News items, Health Tips etc.

“Through the application, the Airtel subscribers will be able to learn about various job opportunities by having access to our platform through free connectivity”, says Emmanuel Mutuma, Marketing Manager, links quality Jobseekers to potential Employers in a single platform and a timely manner. Since its establishment in 2006 the website has grown its market share and is currently ranked the number one job website in the Kenya. According to, the website ranks highest with traffic and holds the largest database of jobseekers in Kenya, with over 700,000 subscribers, according to Google Analytics, most users spend an average of 8 minutes on the website.

“Today we are expanding our program with Airtel in Kenya beyond just free Facebook to include access to a suite of basic services in health, education, communication, finance, jobs and local information,” said Chris Daniels, Growth and Partnerships Manager, Kenya,, Facebook at the AfricaCom conference.

Through this partnership between Facebook and BrighterMonday, Kenyans can now have access to jobs through the app, and can then uplift their lives, their families and dependents.

On the other hand, employers will also benefit from this partnership too. As more talents get connected, it will be easier for them to attract and recruit the right talent through BrighterMonday’s job platform.

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