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Ride Sharing Marketplace Tripda Launches in a City Near You

by Sam Wakoba
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10431459_1499458227005090_1549725231982958869_nFounded this year and now present in North America, Latin America and Asia, Rocket Internet-backed online ride-sharing marketplace Tripda has launched in Mainland US to connect people who need rides with drivers who have empty car seats on long trips.

Tripda is available in the U.S. through its web and mobile app platforms, available for iOS and Android (including payment processing). The platform fills the important long-distance (often inter-state) travel market as a perfect alternative to buses, trains and short flights. Passengers and drivers can set personal travel preferences, exchange messages and mutually filter travel partners taking similar journeys.

Tripda verifies drivers and passengers to ensure security and safeguard user privacy, including offering a “Ladies Only” option for women seeking all-female rides. Also, for the benefit of the entire community, Tripda encourages community ratings and reviews by travelers who have taken rides together.

Tripda is backed by recently listed Rocket Internet, one of the world’s largest Internet and mobile platforms. Rocket Internet is focused on identifying and building proven business models and scaling them into market-leading online companies.

While not limited to any particular region, the U.S. beta launch of Tripda will focus on many major metro areas including Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and more.


Tripda operates in more than 10 countries across the Americas and Asia, and is growing quickly through the creation of a true community of ride-sharers. In just five months following its global debut, Tripda has already facilitated rides for thousands of passengers.

“Tripda is exciting because it is part of a broader sharing economy movement to increase opportunity and reduce costs,” commented Adi Vaxman, co-founder and CEO.

“The evolution of the sharing economy over the past two to three years created a mindset that is very open to our offering, and we’re excited about expanding our growth to the U.S.,” she added.

Sharing is a topic that resonates deeply with many successful startup companies. From rooms to cars to everyday services, the concept permeates today‘s society and allows individuals to make better, smarter and more sustainable use of what already exists.

According to co-founder Joe McFarlane, “Tripda has been fortunate to experience a natural demand for expansion. Through our rapid growth, we have seen real momentum behind the model and this has allowed us to expand Tripda to new communities around the world.”

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