iWayAfrica Launches iManage In Kenya




iWayAfrica has launched a managed infrastructure and service solution called the iManage. iWayAfrica is part of the Gondawana International Networks (GIN) a Pan African telecoms operator.

The launched product was born out of the collaboration between managed services company , SevenC Computing and is according to the company, a welcome reprieve for local SMEs.

Winston Smith, General Manager, Terrestrial Services for GIN and iWayAfrica says the timing of the iManage launch is just right as Kenya welcomes a new dawn in terms of how business ICT services are managed.

He added that: “With the recent addition of Uganda and Ghana, coupled with the success achieved in Namibia and Zimbabwe, we anticipate tremendous growth in Kenya. There is great demand for level three managed services support in Africa, as cloud simply cannot deliver on its own.”

According to the African Development Bank, Kenya is the anchor within the East African community. It is the largest economy in the region and is much more dynamic than those of other member countries. Kenya’s economy is much better linked to the other economies in terms of investment flows and trade.

SevenC Computing Managing Director, Darren Osbourn says Kenya is indeed a fast developing country and needs the SME sector to succeed, propelling the economy forward and creating long-lasting employment: “Given that IT skills across Africa are lacking, IWayAfrica has a significant opportunity to successfully introduce a unique managed service solution in conjunction with SevenC Computing.”

Ken Munyi, Managing Director: iWayAfrica Kenya says “Local SMEs usually do not have the resources or skills to manage these functions in-house and would prefer directing their resources to their core business instead of using such in capital expenditure for the required IT infrastructure. The iManage solution is as a result, perfect for the Kenyan market, enabling SME businesses to focus on building their businesses and not managing IT.”