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Travelstart & Yo partner to give travellers last minute travel deals

by Sam Wakoba
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???????You might remember all that noise Yo received when it launched in 2014, the app hit 1 million downloads just two months after it went live  and hit number 3 in the iOS app store and raised a million dollars too!

Just like its name, Yo is simple and is made-for-mobile. Users simply tap or double tap their way around the app – it’s a zero-character application and one of the simplest and most efficient communication tools in the world.

Yo might as well be an email notification, a nudge from a friend, a date invite, or a goal for soccer lovers.

Travelstart has partnered with Yo to notify you of a cheap flight or weekend getaway deal you will not to miss.

Travelstart is now listed in the Yo Index, a list of services that users who are in discovery mode can subscribe to for real time information. By partnering with you, Travelstart becomes the first online travel agency to offer location based deals to book directly within the Yo app screen on either iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Users can just Yo TRAVELSTART when they need fare deals from their city!

Users can also use the Yo app to subscribe to Travelstart fare alerts that are location specific.

travelstart“As a forerunner in online travel technology we are happy to be Yo-ing. Our customers use a variety of channels to communicate and consume content, and with Yo, Travelstart’s location-specific travel deals are just a tap or two away from them,” said Sergio Mello, Head of Innovation at Travelstart (SERGIOSTART on Yo).

How it works:

  • Download Yo to your iOS, Android and Windows phone.
  • Add TRAVELSTART to your friend list or find us in the Yo Index.
  • Already Yo-ing? Ping us with a Yo to subscribe to TRAVELSTART.
  • Every time you Yo us, we reply with great deals from the airport nearest to your location.

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