TTC develops mobile app for Africa,receives large impact investment from ABN AMRO Bank


Netherland’s social enterprise TTC (formerly Text to Change) has developed a mobile app that will execute data collection and social campaigns aimed at health , education , agriculture and emergency relief in developing countries while at the same time attracting a large investment from the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund.

The technology works by rapidly exchanging information with specific target groups in the countries.

Eric Buckens, Manager ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund stated: “TTC reaches diverse groups of people at a large scale in developing countries. The goal is to support them in their daily lives and truly bring about improvements in matters that directly concern them, such as healthcare. The enterprise fits the aims of the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund completely.”
TTC reaches millions of people across Africa, Asia and Latin America through many different projects in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and education. Since its establishment in 2007, TTC has been active in 23 countries working in partnership with organizations such as UNICEF, The World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Additionally, the enterprise works closely with governments, NGOs and businesses. For example, TTC’s unique partnerships have enabled them to use their mobile services to reach and aid over 500.000 pregnant Tanzanian women and mothers. On a weekly basis, these women and their supporters receive valuable tips on healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood, in addition to reminders to regularly seek care at a clinic. Currently, TTC is also actively involved in the fight against Ebola.

According to Hajo van Beijma and Bas Hoefman, founders of TTC, mobile phones play a fundamental role in emerging markets such as Africa. Van Beijma: “At the moment, over 80% of Africans own a mobile phone. That enables us to reach people that were previously unreachable. We can now provide them with important, sometimes even lifesaving information. The possibilities are unprecedented. We are ready for the next step.”