UNESCO & Osun State to replicate e-Learning in Nigeria



Following Osun’s impressive e-learning project, UNESCO has requested to reproduce and adopt the educational learning resource material and content of Opon-imo so that it can be used to promote its educational programmes in Nigeria.

In a statement, the organization was impressed by the e-library, the integrated test zone, the virtual class room containing 63 books covering civic education, Ifa on ethics and morals among others in Opon-Imo that form the three major content categories.

“As you may be aware, UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations with a broad mandate in promoting education, science, culture, communication and information.”The concept and education content of Opon-Imo is in line with UNESCO objective to promote open access to scientific information, open educational resources and open training platform as well as open distance learning.

“We acknowledge that the Opon-Imo was designed to enhance students’ access to knowledge, sexuality education and entrepreneurship, all of which are within the scope of UNESCO’s educational programme activities in Nigeria,” read part of the letter dated 15th November, 2014 to the Osun Commissioner for Education and signed by Prof. Hassana Alidou, director and representative of UNESCO’s Regional Office in Abuja.