Tshwane Metro Police & Alan Knott-Craig Jr launch app to enhance secutity


Police_in_GlasgowThe City of Tshwane, Huawei and Tshwane Metro Police are piloting a mobile app aimed at helping South African remain safe wherever they are.

The app dubbed Namola, allows users to send an alert to the nearest Tshwane Metro Police in cases of an attack or raid. The users click on a button which sends messages to the police for response. The app is being piloted in Monument Park for 5 weeks from 9 February 2015.

When a user within Monument Park opens the Namola application and clicks the “Get Armed Response” button an alert is sent to the dashboard-mounted smartphones in the nearest three available response vehicles. The first responder to indicate that they are available to assist is automatically directed to the requesting user using the GPS technology on the smartphone.

The requesting user is shown a photo of the responder and their name. They are also able to phone them, or the police, directly. Users can either “Get Armed Response” or  “Call Police” according to their location.

“The Namola app doesn’t create new infrastructure. It merely provides a new mechanism for the citizens of the City of Tshwane to alert nearby responders.” says Craig Rivett, partner in Ever Africa.

The Chief of the Tshwane Metro Police, Steven Ngobeni said the pilot is a first step in understanding how this new technology can be used to make all in the City of Tshwane and South Africa safer.

The Namola app is available for download now on the Google Play store. This app has been developed by Ever Africa (EAF) a firm established by Sibella and Alan Knott-Craig Jr.