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CEO Weekends: Why We Ditched Fremium-BrighterMonday

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brightermondayrBy Emmanual Mutuma, Marketing Manager BrighterMonday Kenya.

Sure. We have always taken some time to offer solutions in the market based on customer feedback. As you know, we have been in the market for 8 years now and taken our time to understand the user needs while keenly looking for ways to give solutions while keeping our jobseekers and employers in mind. We have tested a few things here and there and done some surveys based on our actions before providing solutions.
We have noticed that we can only build a successful business by only matching talent with great opportunities, This is our core mandate going forward.
In order to achieve that, we need to give value to jobseekers and employers, for jobseekers, we need to increase their chances of getting that better/new job they have been looking for. And for employers, they need the right talent in their organizations. We focus in offering just that.
guest1As part of the improvements; we have invested heavily to build tools (based on the surveys we have done) that facilitate the best match in a very simple, cost efficient and flexible form.
We have a new revamped advertiser centre account for employers that they can use, which has it is, we are improving on everyday.
The ad centre ensures that the advertisers get maximum value, enabling them to do the following.
  • Post your vacancies
  • Gain unlimited access to the Job Seeker Database
  • Invite Passive candidates to apply
  • Screen applicants using our Application Tracking System (ATS software)
  • Shortlist using unlimited keyword searches

This is the value we are giving them, and improving more and more everyday. We are also in the business of “Jobs” and established the largest audience seeking opportunities in the market. There is no better place to get the best talent than with BrighterMonday. Employers need to partner with us to tap into this.

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