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CEO Weekends: Startup Grind launches in Tanzania

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new-startup-grindBy Emmanuel Simon

Startup Grind is set to be held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania this 31st March, 2015 at the BUNI Innovation Hub space within Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology building at Science Kijitonyama.

More and more today’s economic scene is driven by meaningful connections. Be it Apple Computers in the USA, Semco Group in Brazil or Safaricom in Kenya, the most successful companies have found ways to leverage meaningful connections between people, ideas and technologies to direct their value creation activities and propel them into becoming leaders in their industries.

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Picture44How did they go about creating these meaningful connections?

 Have you ever met the “pitch-preneur”? After half an hour talking to this type of entrepreneur, they are still trying to tell you about how their ideas are the most important thing that ever happened to mankind. That there is no higher purpose you could ever achieve other than investing your time and/or money into their dreams. They have not listened to you for a single second. They make you wonder why you dint find an excuse to move away from them after the first minute…

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On the other hand, there is this business person you meet and they make you feel like they were put on this earth to help you achieve your dreams. They want to listen to you talk about your interests and your struggles. They even give you advice on ways you could overcome these hurdles, and don’t really ask for anything in return. They are not trying to pitch you; they are actually rooting for your success. Days after meeting them, you still find yourself wondering how you could return the favour. Needless to say, the first chance you get to bring business their way, whether directly or through referrals, brings you joy and makes you feel just as helpful as they had been to you. You want to tell people about them because you think they would gain as much as you did.

 Being helpful is the secret of forging meaningful connections in business.

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 People form business relationships with people. Not brands or companies, but actual human beings. Listening to them and knowing what they need is one of the hardest, yet most valuable lessons any entrepreneur could learn. The more you help people – the more you invest in them – the better the future of your business becomes. Apple wanted to help people increase productivity, Semco wanted to help make their workers’ lives more meaningful, and Safaricom wanted to help bring banking services to the millions who could not access it. And therein lay their success.

 Picture46(1)Startup Grind is founded on fundamental values; making friends and not just contacts, helping others before we help ourselves and always giving more than we take. With these values we have spread to more than 150 cities in 65 countries all over the world, showing that meaningful connections is of universal value and sought after by all businesses no matter where they are founded.

 Startup Grind Dar es Salaam is a forum for founders and entrepreneurs to form these meaningful connections with each other and the more established players in their industries. Our monthly fire-side-chats, meet-up events and conferences seek to empower through connecting, educating and inspiring entrepreneurs from all fields of business. Anyone who has started or would like to start their own business shall find friendship, understanding and much needed support on this difficult entrepreneurship path so few have chosen to undertake.

Come journey with us.


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