Tanzania subscribers to earn from buying airtime



Tanzanian subscribers will soon be a happy a lot as they will now be able to earn from buying airtime thanks to a new service package from network marketing firm, Rifaro Africa.

The Daily News Tanzania reports that the new service which can be used by subscribers from various networks comes against the backdrop of fast-expanding businesses, coupled with products and services opening up in Tanzania.

Rifaro Africa Managing Director, James Gathonjia said, “At the moment, Rifaro Africa uses direct selling methods to distribute Zantel products and services primarily and exclusively using an online platform.”

“At Rifaro Africa, in addition to selling products that people need, we sell products that everyone uses. It is evident that telecommunication companies spend billions of shillings on advertising and with our company, we simply save marketing expenses of billboards, TV commercials and pass that back to the average user like you and me as incentives and commissions, when you sign up and promote our products as a Rifaro Africa independent distributor,” said Rifaro Africa Managing Director, James Gathonjia in Dar es Salaam.

Sub-dealers earn from their airtime purchases and that of their friends. “Our mantra do not be a mere subscriber – join Rifaro Africa and earn a portion of what people do every day and that’s paying for moreairtime, making cents from thousands makes a lot of sense and cents!”

Mr Gathonjia said. Payments are done virtually through SMS, “We do not pay in form of airtime or in kind. It’s through points, which can be redeemed as money that could either pay your bills – could be invested,” stressed the managing director.

“We provide an opportunity for our members (independent distributors of Zantel virtual airtime) to earn residual incomes from the airtime purchases of about 34.5 million mobile subscribers in Tanzania,” he explained.

Gathonjia observed that the initiative was just not about  stressed introducing people, but more SIM card activations and more airtime purchased.

“Customers are converted into advocate customers, this increases the sales force that are compensated through commissions earned from their sales performance,” he said.