SnapScan Simplifies Merchant Payments to SA With New ‘SnapBeacons’

payhere-791aa1e8a4c62c85da60c00b7fdd20cbAs more and more customers and merchants turn to the smartphone as their mode of making and receiving payments, South Africa’s mobile payment app has launched a new feature that will allow for seamless payments allowing customers to pay without scanning its once popular SnapCode.
According to Kobus Ehlers, co-founder of the Cape Town- based startup,“We are excited to announce the release of SnapBeacon payments. We’ve always set out to make payments faster and simpler. With beacon technology opening up new possibilities in the mobile payments space, we were keen to stay at the forefront of these developments in the industry.”

Snapbeacon payments, already available at more than 40 SnapScan merchants in Cape Town and Johannesburg, uses beacons to detect where users are enjoying their lunch or cup of coffee. This means that customers won’t have to scan the usual SnapCode to pay, but will simply click “Pay here” in the app to initiate the transaction.

The feature works simply.
Customers/users download the latest version of the app for iPhone or Android. Install, turn on Bluetooth and then activate SnapBeacons under Account Settings on the app menu. When within range of a SnapBeacon, users will be able to simply click PAY HERE.
The firm has not discontinued the SnapCode feature and users can still them. s still available.