This Gadgets Can Make You a Secret Agent


d887b490-0f67-4322-9a73-5f64caea19a8Isn’t it weird watching old Bond films and seeing how ancient some of the gadgets look to our modern eyes? At the time of Dr No, viewers were stunned by a gun that could shoot a bullet silently, or an uncrackable code in From Russia with Love. But nowadays even a car that drives underwater doesn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility.

It all goes some way to explaining why newer Bond films have pushed the gadgets into the background, focusing instead on Daniel Craig’s brooding charisma and dark plotlines.

Indeed, try a simple trek online and you’ll find gadgets that could make Q green with envy.

With that in mind, we’ve found loads of tech that could make you a secret agent in your own home. Take a look.

The pen is mightier than the recorder

You might think the days of the mighty ballpoint pen were numbered, what with touch screens and keyboards reigning supreme in the conveyance-of-information stakes. But with the latest iterations of the digital recording pen, that faithful biro could be more useful than you ever imagined.

Recording an interview? Simply turn on your pen and take notes while you listen. Want to secretly keep tabs on a coversation? Then hit record and don’t let the person you’re chatting with know.

The cream of the crop even has hundreds of hours’ worth of storage, meaning you can record for hours without fear of running low on space.

Jam it up

Have you ever suffered through someone else’s ghastly phone conversation while you try to enjoy a quiet coffee, or been distracted by an irritant texting their friend in the middle of a film screening? Then this is the gadget for you.

Mobile phone signal jammers are available for a song from a number of sites, and they could block out signals for any unfortunate phone users in your vicinity. Just be sure no one spots you and your mischief – in this era of the iPhone, staying jacked-in is pretty darn important to us.

The specs of the future

Glasses have forever been the preserve of the geeks and the short-sighted – but now the tech-boffins are turning them into every spy’s wet dream.

Just look at the Google Glass, one of the most hi-tech pieces of wearable technology being developed for the market.

Pop on a pair of these specs and you’ll be able to Google locations on the fly, take a photo in the literal blink of an eye and record footage that can then be uploaded directly to the web.

Naturally, there’s some criticism of the tech, with some sectors claiming it’ll lead our already dwindling attention spans down a garden path of destruction. But for the average superspy, wearable tech is the perfect way to beat the supervillains – so give it a go.