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Mobile strategy is more than SMS and social media – Okojie

by Paul Adepoju
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Idemudia Dima-Okojie, WeChat Country Manager (Nigeria) believes that a mobile strategy for companies and brands is more than just sending SMS or publishing posts on social media.

He told Innovation Village the need for a mobile strategy becomes imperative due to the fact that most services out there are not designed for mobile, and with more people getting smartphones.

“Your customer or audience should be able to transact with, consume your mobile focused content or service directly on their smartphone,” he said.

He announced the company is reaching out to young developers and entrepreneurs who may have unique services and would like to get these to the market.

“Already plans are in the works for a set of events to give people the opportunity to pitch their services/ideas, which we’ll eventually support to make them a reality,” he said.

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