Daystar University launches smartphone-based degree to admit more students


After Kenyatta University launched a similar initiative, Kenya’s Daystar University has launched Daystar Mobile in partnership with OneUni, a Silicon Valley edtech startup to enable students to earn Daystar University delivered degrees and diplomas primarily via their smartphones from wherever they are.


Initially, the two partners will offer degree programmes for teachers starting with a Bachelor’s of Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. The university announced this at the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association Conference in Mombasa.


In a statement, OneUni, Chief Executive Officer, Gene Wade said,“We look to the partnership with Daystar University to facilitate access to higher education for the next generation of teachers and leaders through this transformative offering. Kenya has been a world leader in mobile phone adoption, and we are confident that, through Daystar Mobile, the country will become the leader in mobile higher education. We are committed to facilitating Daystar University to realize this vision.”


The app will contain all class materials including videos, readings, and interactive exercises.  Students can also interact through the app with Daystar faculty who oversee their work.  In addition, students will have on-going mentorship and support. After successfully completing their classwork, in order to demonstrate that they have met the rigorous learning standards of Daystar University, students will be required to complete invigilated final examinations at secure testing centers.


“With the introduction of Daystar Mobile, we will significantly improve access to quality higher education in Kenya and throughout Africa. We see every day, qualified and deserving students who are not able to access higher education and Daystar Mobile will help us address this issue,” says Dr. Timothy Wachira, Daystar University Vice Chancellor