New app expands Central Bank of Nigeria’s cashless policy to churches


NetplusDotCom has launched the Ten app to simplify existing church collection and to expand the reach of the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The app works seamlessly with the existing Church collection system. There is Ten app for the church administrator and another Ten app for the members of the church.


For many years, the collection of tithes and offering has been very standard. The tithes are collected in sealed envelopes. The offerings are collected during Church service in a collection plate. At the end of the Church service, the Church admin and assistants physically count the cash collected during the service. If cheques were written, the cheques are batched together and then deposited into the bank during the week. By utilizing the Ten app, the current cumbersome process is simplified.


Church members can use the app to pay their tithes and offering from their smart devices. Worshippers no longer have to carry cash; instead, they are able to remit money directly to the Church’s bank account with a few clicks.


The Ten app is not meant to replace existing channels to pay tithes and offerings but it serves as an additional channel that will enable the Church to seamlessly and effectively manage money collected during each worship day. It allows for transparency and accountability in the church finances. With the app, church leaders can easily review the church’s account which would have been difficult if they relied on just the information received from the church admin.


Kemi Viatonu, Head of Operations at NetplusDotCom said: “TEN is a revolutionary application that will change the landscape of how people pay their tithes and/or offering in church. So why Ten you ask? Imagine times when you are unable to go to church but feel the need to pay your donation. Ten allows you to pay your tithe using this application. Technology is too far advanced for other options not to be utilized other than envelopes and collections plates. The Ten app has simplified and personalized how Christians have a relationship with their churches and God. To sum it up, it is church going made simple.”


The app facilitates real time tracking since the church treasurer and others with access to the app’s backend end are able to see real time donations. Furthermore, parishioners are able to see their tithes and offering instantly debited from their account.  Other unique features of the app include confirmation of payment enabling church members to easily track how much they tithe and offer each month to the church.  It also has data export capabilities.


The app can also be branded to a specific church such as the Redeem Church of Christ or Mountain of Fire Ministries. As a standalone tool, the church will be able to add other functions to the app that will make it a more customized application for the church. They include streaming of current and past services, prayer request lines and calendar of events among others.