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New eLearning platform to automate learning across Africa

Most students are restrained from going to school because of a number of reasons like work and financial constraints. This has forced higher level institutions to introduce eLearning programs and online materials for  students.

In a move to ensure that education goes viral across Africa, a private Education Technology Company, EduTech, designed and developed an indigenous and comprehensive eLearning solution for schools across Africa and the US.

The eLearning platform involves the automation of most of the learning processes including application, payment and lecture delivery using a Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS).

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“This is an educational portal designed to automate a wide variety of administrative and academic related processes in tertiary institutions. It comprises the Application Portal, the Student Information System (SIS), and a payment platform. The EduPortal is used for online program course registration by students, course approvals by lecturers, and grades processing of all registered students to the point of transcript generation. The portal also handles electronic voting for higher institutions, a hostel management system, and online forms for prospective applicants, online payments, online screening of prospective applicants, timetable scheduling for lectures and examinations, debit and ID cards for students, and status reports of activities delivered to institutions.

The Application Portal automates the process of enrollment, registrations and even screening, based on each school’s requirements. The Students Information System provides a database for all students from which different administrative tasks can be carried out and the Payment System is built for multiple payment gateways, which includes online, in-branch or mobile.” EduTech team wrote.

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In Kenya, Daystar and Kenyatta University unveiled their e-learning programs. Daystar University partnered with OneUni to enable students earn Daystar University delivered degrees and diplomas primarily via their smartphones from wherever they are. The platform contains all class materials, including videos, readings, and interactive exercises. Daystar students can also interact through the app with the faculty who oversee their work.

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