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Official Features of Apple’s iPhone 7

by Shera
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The IPhone 7 made its launch yesterday night at 8pm Kenyan time, officially putting all rumors to rest as key features were finally revealed to the public. As stated in my previous post there would be two iPhone designs introduced, being the IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 plus, currently ranging at $649 and $769 respectively. This price will probably increase once the devices reach the Kenyan market, however what new and improved features can you appreciate and enjoy after paying such a hefty amount?


Apparently nothing too different from Apple’s IPhone 6; the IPhone 7 didn’t necessarily come packed with major new features, just little tweaks and improvements to make the new phone more user friendly. For example the latest IPhone is finally water and dust proof, a big step from its previous models.  While other brands have already achieved this, buyers can still feel more comfortable knowing that they are purchasing a phone that’s a little less vulnerable.


There’s even more battery life to be appreciated with IPhone’s latest edition, and its apparently 2 hours longer than what is enjoyed with the iPhone 6s. The storage capacities as I mentioned in my previous post have increased overwhelmingly, starting at 32GB unlike its previous 16GB. They still do not provide for a meme card to up the memory, as offered in several android devices. Graphics have also improved, and the home button is more adaptable.


Let’s take time to talk about the iPhone’s more interesting and popular feature, its camera. Both phones get a larger f/1.8 which would allow for better photos in low lit areas. Both also come with 12 megapixels which gain optical image stabilization, among other features that would probably make all users feel like professional photographers.  The iPhone 7 Plus comes with two rear cameras that will easily allow you to switch from a wide angle shot to a telephoto!


Possibly its biggest change, would be the removal of the standard headphone jack, that’s been provided in every smartphone since the beginning of time. By making this move, Apple is also pushing the use of wireless headphones. The company unveiled new wireless AirPods that are apparently easy to set up and charge. This little upgrade may not go too well for all users, it may annoy them just a little bit, imagine wearing your air pods wondering where the hell the wires are just to recall that you bought them that way. Then again, what would happen if one air pod were to be misplaced, would you walk around with just one air pod placed in one ear, looking what I’d envision to be rather ridiculous?


Battery life for the wireless AirPods last only a mere 5 hours, which is rather short considering they’re price; being a ridiculous $159. Not something you’d be too happy to lose and replace. If you’re listening without headphones or EarPods, the phones now have stereo speakers that promise improved audio.

Another happy thought to note are that the new IPhones will run on iOS 10, with Siri improvements, fascinating features seen on the Messages app, among other new attributes.  However, if you’re not interested in purchasing the latest IPhone, you can still upgrade the one you have to iOS 10, and enjoy the same, from September 13.

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