Psycho 60 hosts a reality puzzle solving entertainment spot


Sometimes it’s good to be entertained, but if you become a character in a game – everything changes. Your life takes another exciting angle. Psycho 60 has introduced entertainment rooms called ‘Escape Rooms’ meant to twist your life by becoming an actor in a real-life puzzle. In the Escape Rooms, “groups of people work together to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape the room. Instead of solving puzzles on a tablet or PC, players find themselves immersed in the game. They have only 60 minutes to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles. It is a fast paced, interactive, and real life experience.” Psycho 60 writes.

The concept is meant to enhance team building in companies and families because it’s people centered – you don’t have to play or touch puzzles on a display. “Escape rooms offer a challenging way for players to be part of the game. They are great for corporate team building exercises. It naturally forces people to work together towards a common goal. It is also great for kids too. They gain a sense of accomplishment while learning social skills and keeps them off their phones and video games. They actually have to look and talk to other people and the best part is that they love it.” Psycho adds.

The entertaining rooms

Currently, there are three entertaining rooms: Haunted, Infected, and Hostage. In Haunted, you are visiting a home for sale. The real estate agent abruptly leaves you locked in the kitchen. You soon find out the home is haunted and you need to find a protective amulet before the ghost takes you with them. In Infected, you are visiting your friend at the hospital where you become quarantined. Locked in the patient’s room, you must quickly find a way to escape before the deranged patient in the bathroom finds their way out and infects you all.

Lastly, is Hostage, the most challenging of the rooms. In a bank robbery gone bad, you are held hostage in the bank vault. Finding a way to contact the police is urgent as you don’t want the criminals to make a deadly example.