Karani Nyamu on 5 Healthy Habits To Adopt in Your Life



Human Beings are creatures of habit. We may pick a behaviour or two, but eventually, we often resort back to what we know and do effortlessly. That’s why it’s critical to adopt the best habits in your daily living. Choosing a robust set of habits can radically alter your life for good.

It’s estimated that it takes about four days for a human being to grasp a behaviour and about 21 days to turn it into a habit. The trick with good practice is that you have to do them deliberately, long enough till they become ingrained in the mind. Let’s explore some of the best habits to adopt.

Planning Your Finances: Nothing causes more stress and strain in people than finances. The worry over how to pay bills can impact your health and mental wellbeing. It’s critical to adopt financial planning, budgeting, saving, investment planning and become selectively frugal. You may not have much, but if you have rigorous accountability for your finances, then you’ll comfortably live within your means.

Learn to Meditate: The fear of missing out plagues many people in our day and age. It has become routine to glorify tech addiction and hyper-connectivity. For most of us, we’ve lost the ability to enjoy life, serenity and to take time off to meditate. Unplugging from daily hassles to think things through will yield better decision-making and stable mental health.

Have Sleeping & Wake-up Time: Building a routine into your sleeping pattern enables you to get regular sleep and have a hold of your time. Waking up before dawn gives you more time to plan your day ahead and meet your targets. Few of us like waking up early in the morning. The unfortunate bit is that we have learned to sleep late and struggle with waking up. Get up at 4 am daily, and soon enough it will become a routine that adds precious hours to your day.

Read Widely: Read a lot, read everything, read things that you like and those that annoy you. Read authors whom you completely disagree with their point of view. But by all means, read something. You can read hard copies, soft copies, you can listen to audiobooks or TED talks. Reading expands your worldview, adds to your vocabulary as well as boosts your imagination. Some of the most engaging people are avid readers.

Learn Discretion & Vulnerability: Be willing to share from your heart but also learn what to share and what not to share. Most of us like to keep a façade. We are too busy keeping an image to allow ourselves time just to be. Open your heart and life to others and let them know you. Trust is usually built on vulnerability and predictability.