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Huawei  launches Live baze app  to enhance artists interaction with fans

by Susan Mwenesi
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Huawei Technologies has unveiled its new app, Live baze that will make it possible for artists and game players to interact with the world. Basically, Live baze is an interactive platform that will let artists share their talents, and a part of their daily activities.

The mobile app, which was unveiled at the Kenya China Culture Exchange festival, will let its users interact through public private and voice chats. Additionally, users with similar interests can share on their favorite topics such as photography, travel, cooking and so on.

The app targets the youth and features e-learning, teleconferencing and live games.

“It is with this same spirit that we will be launching a video streaming solution that we not only hope will spur an uptake on the use of video communication to fill the ICT infrastructures that have already been laid down by many players in the communication sector but shall also influence some of our Chinese counterparts back in China to come experience the beauties that this great country has to offer as we will broadcast some of Kenya’s tourist sites live to over 200 Million viewers” said Huawei CEO Mr. Dean Yu.

The App can be downloaded from Google play store.

The Kenya China Exchange festival was organized by Huawei Technologies in collaboration with Hangzhou Melot Technologies. The event brings together players in various sectors to share insight, development trends and global success stories around mobile innovations to drive ICT transformation in Kenya.Huawei G6


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