PayGo; Ensuring that you Never Run Out of Cooking Gas Ever Again


PayGo is developing smart metering systems that enable customers to pre-pay for cooking gas. Their smart meters monitor customer gas consumption and predict when gas is going to run out. This allows them to provide an uninterrupted supply of affordable gas to customers.

Basically, PayGo Energy is a distribution service that harnesses the power of pay-as-you-go-technology to bring modern fuel to homes everywhere. With the help of their Smart Meter Technology, PayGo Energy lets you access an endless supply of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Propane) from the comfort of your kitchen.

LPG is the world’s modern fuel of choice. When households adopt LPG as their main fuel source, they choose better health and help reduce harmful emissions that can lead to respiratory illness and environmental degradation.

PayGo Energy eliminates the barriers to accessing clean fuel, saving you time. With PayGo Energy, you only pay for the fuel you use. PayGo’s unique approach in portioning gas is part of a greater effort to help make gas an easy and affordable option for families everywhere.

“Low income urban households regularly pay a large proportion of their household income (~$0.50/day) to purchase small quantities of fuel that can be safely stored and used for cooking, heating, and lighting”, says World Bank. The major barriers preventing low income households from adopting clean gas as their primary source of cooking fuel are the high up-front cost of the stove, the gas cylinder deposit, and the large amount of money required to refill an empty gas cylinder.

PayGo Energy allows families to purchase gas in small amounts, making LPG more affordable than ever.

How does it work? Simply register with their sales agent and pay a small fee to join the clean, fast and affordable PayGo service. PayGo Energy delivers their smart meter, a full cylinder of gas, and a brand new cookstove directly to your home. You have everything you need to start cooking and purchasing gas in quantities that make sense for you.

Pay by mobile money to purchase the amount of gas you want, right from your kitchen. When your gas is running low, the smart meter contacts PayGo to arrange replacement before you run out. A PayGo agent brings a full cylinder directly to your door, and just like that you’ll be able to cook some more.