Best startups that facilitate bitcoins


Bitcoin has been all over the headlines already for quite some years, however, the main reason for that was the speculation around the rate of this cryptocurrency. While there are many early bitcoin adopters that fully support the advanced and transparent technology that is capable of changing the world, most of the people are just interested in possible profits. We are going to ignore the later group in this article and will fully focus on the early-stage companies that are making bitcoins more widespread and accessible for people all around the globe.


Most of the bitcoin startups are aiming at making bitcoins acceptable at various at the points of sale, whether those are online or offline. However, with the startups like Blockstream we can actually see that cryptocurrencies are becoming something much bigger than just a regular payment system. Unlike most of the startups that facilitate exchange of the bitcoins between the seller and a buyer, Blockstream is here to enhance the speed of bitcoin transfers between the major exchanges. Next to this, the company has a few major projects in the pipeline and it is likely to provide a missing ecosystem for the whole bitcoin community.

This is quite an interesting startup. While many people would doubt that anything connected to betting or bitcoin gambling can be legitimate, it is a fact that the market is huge. not only offers regular bitcoin gambling, but also provides quite a wide scope of online gaming and betting activities. With this app you can bet on esports and regular sports, or even buy a lottery ticket – and best of all, it is all in bitcoins.


We all know ebay and amazon. There are also local alternatives like allegro or marktplaats. Currently, some of them are actually looking into integrating bitcoins into a range of available payment methods. However, the bitcoin startup community has something different in its oven. Instead of bringing the bitcoin into online marketplaces, OpenBazaar creates an open-source marketplace for anyone who wants to buy and sell goods with bitcoins.


Similar to blockstream, this company shows us how developed the whole internet and, especially the bitcoins, have become. We all know about gold, coal, diamonds and any other mining companies. We also realise that the value of some commodities, like diamonds, is pretty much fictional. However, BitFury is the world’s first professional bitcoin mining company. Yes, you got it right, there is a team of engineers working on designing world-class chips that are made for industrial mining of crypto currencies. If data is new oil, then bitcoins have all of the chances of bitcoin a new type of gold.