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Better Track Your Business Stock and Sales with ASIM Mobile

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ASiM Mobile, a product of Olivine Technology, programs field activities related to sales, inventory management and business intelligence for fast moving Consumer Packaged Goods firms (FMCPGs).

To date, there have been 85 user installations of ASiM Mobile across Kenya, and the software system is considered to be the only mobile supply chain solution available that is tailored to meet SME and Corporate needs.

Using mobile phones and internet technology, ASiM Mobile seamlessly incorporates the processes of ordering, sales and stock management in the field. In addition, ASiM mobile provides to managers and business owners with key performance indicators (KPIs).

With this, one can check the progress of their sales or stock management right from his/her very own smartphone.

ASiM Mobile is customizable and can be integrated with your existing information system, resulting in a seamless sales force automation, business intelligence and financial solution. Solutions are provided for specific operations areas including:

  • Sales including invoicing and receipting
  • Debtor management.
  • Stocks/inventory management, including orders and stock intakes
  • Financial management i.e. integrated accounting solutions.

Basically ASiM Mobile solves critical challenges related to data collection, transmission, report creation, analysis, reconciliation and operations controls. As such, ASiM Mobile accomplishes more timely, effective and efficient  decision making due to 24/7 access to real time business information from any location with internet communications. As well as enhanced order and sales, stock and customer relationship management due to ability to automate transactions in the field. It has also reduced administrative burden and operations costs due to drastic minimization of paperwork, manual data entry, human error and fraud. The software also comes with built in security structure with impenetrable restrictions and levels of access to the data and system.

Further benefits include cost saving, increased productivity, and enhanced transparency, accountability and control, thus creating a competitive advantage and increased market penetration. For further information, click here.


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