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Absa bank partners Walletdoc to allow customers pay bills on the go

Absa has partnered with walletdoc to give its a customers the convenience of paying their bills such as monthly subscriptions and utilities on the go-minus the tedious filing and administration normally associated with payments.

The deal will enable Absa customers to get notifications when bills arrive, remind them when bill payments are due and allow them to pay their bills with their credit cards.

Once users have set up their payment card details, they can pay multiple bills in a single transaction.  Users no longer need to manually print and file bills together with proof of payment, as walletdoc digitally stores your bills and payment history.

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According to Leonard Shenker, joint CEO of walletdoc, “Partnering with a sophisticated bank such as Absa required us to invest in a comprehensive and robust suite of information-protection measures. Data is fully encrypted and mobile transactions use either fingerprint or PIN authentication, making it safe for users to pay their bills anytime, anywhere and on-the-go.”

walletdoc also partnered with EasyPay, an independent service that facilitates the payment of accounts and is linked to an extensive network of over 400 of South Africa’s largest billers including municipalities, Eskom and Telkom. walletdoc assists these billers to send bills and collect payment securely, reliably and quickly.

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walletdoc is a gold member of AlphaCode, a club for fintech startup entrepreneurs. To use the platform, users sign up and get your own walletdoc email address. Get your billers to send your bills to this email address or forward your bills to your walletdoc address. Your bill is processed by walletdoc and is ready for payment. Payment can be made in full or in part and can even be scheduled for a future date.

Willie van Zyl, head of card issuing at Absa explains, “The global banking industry is faced with an ever-changing landscape as customers opt to migrate to digital channels. We are seeing a huge change in the way our customers pay for products and services and walletdoc is another step forward in our mobile banking journey. Using walletdoc is hassle-free and easy and we encourage our customers to get on board. We have piloted walletdoc with some of our clients and they have been delighted by the simplicity of this innovative solution.”

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