A Gadget that Can Charge all your Gadgets is Here


Having a power bank is probably one of the best gadgets you can own. Phones consume more battery and what’s even more annoying is not being able to have a source of charge for all your gadgets when you’re out. But can you imagine owning a power bank that does a little bit more than charging your phone but also sends you notifications? This is exactly what the smrtFOBis meant to do. The smrtFOB is a module power bank that’ll send users notifications when it needs to be charged. It’s got Bluetooth built-in so it can be tracked and comes with swappable Lightning, micro-USB, or USB-C cables. Because it’s modular, additional features can be swapped in, like a 32GB flash memory.

This is probably the world’s smartest charger that has a simple “lego-like” design that allows users to customize its features, state-of-the-art wireless charging and an app for your phone with breakthrough intelligent notifications. It is quite hard to forget to charge your phone because you almost always have it with you, but you can easily forget to charge your other devices and smrFOB will remind you. The most fascinating feature about this gadget, it the storage it has. It has 32GB external storage that can also be used for photos and videos that you would perhaps want to save. The way the smrtFOB charges is not like any other ordinary gadget that needs to charge on the socket. A beautiful charging surface was created using Rezence wireless charging technology. As long as it’s on that surface, the smrtFOB will always be charged all the time. While the smart power bank is charging, you will be able to charge your phone and a module into smrtFOB and place while it’s still on the surface charging.

The gadget is also small enough to fit on a key chain so it’s hard to replace it and even harder to have a gadget that’s run out of battery. Because the built-in battery has a powerful punch, it has up to five hours of talk-time on 3G and up to four hours of video playback. The fact that this new gadget has an intelligent app that provides helpful reminders and notifications to ensure you never leave the house without your charger, keys and other important things means that finally people can enjoy their smart devices without worrying.