Tripzapp; For Nigerians who love travel


TripZapp, founded by Rosemary Okoli in October 2015, is a travel consulting and curating company aimed at promoting travel as a lifestyle. TripZapp offers curated local and international trips, tours and travel experiences to help people journey farther and explore deeper without the hassle of planning. It’s not just flights and hotels, it’s carefully planned day to day activities tailored to different types of travellers to guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience.

You can decide to travel the world, throughout Nigeria, or build your own trip. There’s so much of the world to explore. TripZapp makes it fun and convenient to travel the world and make travelling friends while you do.

With multiple platforms aimed at promoting local tourism while offering off the beaten path international travel experiences, connecting travelers through a vibrant online community, providing travel tips, ideas and information through a well curated blog and catering to your fashion needs for that next vacation, TripZapp is the one stop shop for everything travel.

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