How To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home with QLED Samsung TVs.


Numerous centuries ago before smart televisions (TVs) were developed, we would all pull together at the only home in the village with a TV, a red great wall TV, it was the excellent form of entertainment and the number one optical information pivot.

We would close the door to avoid interruptions from anyone and be assured of security. Many years later, the daily advancing technology has turned tables upside down. Internet was a dream; I guess no one had ever thought of ever streaming videos live or something close to that, and today Samsung QLED 4K television is working towards being a hub that ties all the connected devices in your home together.

Few of us are lucky enough to have the wherewithal to spend several thousand shillings every year just so we can say we have the very latest TV technology available. But its sure fun to look, and it will always be time for some of us to upgrade from the screen we’ve been just been tolerating.

Samsung’s flagship 75in (190cm) QLED 4K TV features the latest version of its quantum dot technology – tiny particles that emit different colours of light. These now feature a metal material that the firm says allows for better colour reproduction.

On the software end, Samsung are still powered by Tizen and feature basically the same user interface as last year. But there are some new additions like a sports mode that aggregates scores and other content from your favourite teams and an expanded Music section that lets you Shazam music as it’s playing in a TV show and immediately launch that track in Spotify another streaming services.

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Samsung is also looking to clean up how its TVs look in your living room. New this year is a clear-coloured “Invisible Connection cable” that runs from the TV to an external breakout box where you’ll find all the HDMI ports and other critical connections (besides power, which is a separate input). This might be appreciated by people who don’t want to run their home theatre cables behind a wall or find some other clever way of concealing them.

The overall effect of this is to produce a much lower cable clutter level when one of the TVs is mounted to a wall or sitting in a living room. In addition to this effort at smoother, more elegant design, Samsung has given the QLED TVs what it calls a “no-gap wall mount”, which allows for seamless mounting to a wall since the hardware that holds the TV in place is concealed inside the back of a QLED television and also designed to allow for easy tilting of the display as well automatic levelling.

In other words, the 2017 QLED Samsung TVs are showing themselves to be true stunners that are virtually guaranteed to make consumers fall in love in 2017, when they go on sale at some point in March.