Banking Industry Unveils payment solution, Pesalink, and goes live.


Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has unveiled the PesaLink brand and kicked-off a phased rollout of the digital payments platform that is expected to cut the cost of transactions and transform the way consumers interact with their banks.

PesaLink will enable customers to make payments between banks in real-time, around the clock, without having to go through intermediaries. The peer-to-peer (P2P) product is offered by Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL), a subsidiary of KBA formed to implement the interbank payments platform upon which this and other digital innovations will run.

With PesaLink, one is able to transfer as little as 10 shillings up to 999,999 shillings at an extremely low cost of 0 to 152 shillings, depending on the amount being transferred. In addition to this, one is also able to make payments directly from their Bank accounts to any local bank account instantly from as little as 10 shillings up to 999,999 shillings.

“What PesaLink demonstrates is that KBA and the member banks are aware of their duty to serve customers, innovate and create value for our economy,” says KBA vice chairman John Gachora. “PesaLink is proof that the banking industry has embraced the technology revolution sweeping across the payments industry.”

The 12 banks set to begin implementation of PesaLink are Standard Chartered Bank, Co-Operative Bank, Barclays Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), I & M Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Gulf African Bank, Guardian Bank, Victoria Commercial Bank, Credit Bank, Prime Bank and Middle East Bank.

“As the first set of banks roll out the product to their customers, the rest of the banks are in various stages of testing the system,” IPSL adds.

When linking the Co-op Bank account, simply go to MCo-op Cash via *667# or one can as well use their MCo-op Cash app then select PESALINK and finally link your Co-op bank accounts to your mobile number. The linking process is easy and free of charge.

The convenience with linking Co-op bank accounts with PesaLink is that one will be able to have access services from all Co-op bank channels including Co-op kwa Jirani agents, ATM’s, mobile banking services (Mc-op Cash) and all Co-op Bank branches across the country.

Co-op Bank Account to PesaLink from a Co-op bank ATM

  1. Insert Co-op Bank Visa Card and input PIN
  2. Select ‘Other Transactions’
  3. Select ‘PESALINK’
  4. Select ‘link phone’
  5. Input the phone number to be linked.
  6. Confirm to make the account the primary account.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message
  8. Select the option of doing another transaction
  9. Select Primary Account Option on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  10. Input the phone number to be linked to the account
  11. Confirm that you wish to make that Account the Primary Account by clicking Okay button.
  12. You will then get a confirmation message on the screen that the linking was successful

Co-op Bank Account to PesaLink Via MCo-op Cash

  1. Go to MCo-op Cash app or dial *667# to access MCo-op Cash Ussd
  2. Select ‘PesaLink’ Menu
  3. Select ‘Link your phone’.
  4. Select the account number you want linked.
  5. Select ‘yes’ to make the account the primary account.
  6. A confirmation with details will be displayed on the phone.
  7. You will then receive an SMS confirmation of the linking

This peer-to-peer (P2P) product is offered by Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL), a fully-owned subsidiary of KBA created to implement the platform