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StartCredits is Helping Nigerians Compare Loans and Save Money

by Christie Uzebu
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It’s no news that access to finance and credit remains a challenge in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, and StartCredits is attempting to reduce the burden.

StartCredits is a startup that offers financial services providers and platforms with unique proprietary risk models and software that enables them scale their businesses.

By utilising big data analytics, StartCredits is able to allow credit providers (financial institutions, lending platform, co-operatives etc) to assess risk, expand products and improve business performance.

The startup was launched by Rahmon Ojukotola on the 2nd of February, 2017 as part of its efforts to help promote financial inclusion and access to credit in Africa using technology, as well as encourage savings.

At its core, StartCredits offers services ranging from online lending, peer-to-peer review of loans, micro-finance to mortgage. There is also a free loan search, that helps users identify the best loan rates available. To add to that, StartCredits hosts a blog on its platform where it provides detailed loan reviews and features user reviews on loans, savings and more — so they can make a more informed decision.

The uniqueness of StartCredits is one that would certainly leave most wondering. Perhaps the curiosity it might force in many to see how it works might just result in its breakthrough.

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