Nigerian Entrepreneur Set to Launch Africa’s First Smart Shoe Line


Nigerian entrepreneur, Babajide Ipaye ran an IT firm for over a decade, and has always dreamt of creating an enterprise. When he finally did, he came with something different that left everyone amazed and became a trend-setter.

His burning desire to build a business empire led him to study innovative shoe production in Netherlands. Next, he raised $20,000 through crowd-funding to produce and launch his first collection of Keexs, the first innovative and social-oriented footwear brand in Africa.

The sneakers are designed at his office in Lagos, and are available for sale on the Keexs website and in stores across Lagos.

Keexs, which has already sold 1,500 pairs of sneakers comes with a social brief, as the shoes will not only create employment for many people in Lagos but donate 10% of profit to toward poverty alleviation projects throughout the country.

There are plans in place that are set to make Keexs the first in Africa to produce a smart shoe with a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone and mobile devices, and with interesting applications for athletes and visually impaired people.

About what inspired him to make Keexs a social-oriented project, Babajide revealed, “we the citizens need to take more individual and collective initiatives towards correcting some of our social issues rather than sitting around complaining and waiting for our leaders to solve everything.”