One Plus 5 rumored to have an infinity-like screen as the Galaxy S8 and 8GB RAM for a fraction of the price


One Plus is a young company with big ambitions, last year, they released the One Plus 3 and a refresh called 3T. These phones come with specs that rival the flagship phones from veteran manufacturers like Samsung and LG but at a much reduced price, for instance, the One Plus 3 had same CPU, snapdragon 820, as the LG G5, HTC 10 and even the Samsung Galaxy S7 but it was priced at only $399 (KES 39,999) while those other competitors were north of $600 at lauch. Even more incredible, these One Plus phones came with a whopping 6GB RAM while it’s more expensive rivals maxed out 4GB. Needless to say, the One Plus phones were flying off the shelves and they are now due for a refresh, meet the One Plus 5.

You might be wondering why there isn’t a One Plus 4, well, that number is considered unlucky in China, One Plus’s home country. 

The One Plus 5 is said to have a curved screen with very thin bezels just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The display will also match the S8 in resolution, QHD. Curved displays have traditionally been AMOLED, so we expect that it will be the same technology in place in the One Plus 5 too. 

In terms of processing power, the One Plus 5 will have the powerful Snapdragon 835,  just like the Galaxy S8, and a whopping 8GB RAM. Today’s processors can accommodate such amounts of RAM and considering that last year’s One Plus phone had 6GB RAM, there is a high chance that the 8GB RAM rumor might actually pan out. 

Other specs include 7mm thin buddy, capacitive keys under the new screen and, relocation of the finger print scanner to the back of phone. 

Judging from previous One Plus offerings, this phone will come with a price tag of between $399 to $499 (KES 39,999 to 49,999). In Kenya, you can grab yourself a One Plus 3 or 3T at Avechi. In the meantime, let’s wait and see if this rumors come true.