Microsoft unveils Windows 10 Creators Update, here are the features it brings.


As the name suggests, this update comes with new features for the content creators but there are also some for consumers too. This creators update bring the following features:

3D painting software
Remember the Microsoft Paint app you used to draw objects with when you were young, the tech giant has decided it’s time to revamp it. The new Paint software comes with the ability to paint or doodle 3D objects. The previous functionalities still remains, only better.

Game streaming
Nowadays, with fast and cheap Internet solutions, it is becoming a trend for people to stream their games online to fans. Microsoft bought a company called Beam to compete with the reigning king called Twitch that is owned by Amazon. The streaming feature will reside in the Xbox app on Windows 10. To stream a game, you simple press Windows key +G while playing and you will get a pop up that will allow you to go live.

Game mode
Windows 10 will have a mode that will increase gaming performance. It will do so by prioritizing resources to your game and also limiting the background processes.

Faster and smarter Edge browser
Edge is now lighter and faster. It will also consume less battery life on laptops. Microsoft also made improvements on tabs, you can view them all at a glance (like you do in chrome) and you can also hide them to read later.

Night light
speaking of reading, if you are doing it at night, your eyes will be protected by night light feature. It is the same one that is built into smartphones from Android and even iPhones.

Privacy controls
Microsoft will now allow to go chose whether you want targeted ads, to share your location with them, to send diagnostic reports and more.


This update will be coming to you in a couple of days. But if you don’t wait to wait, you can simply download and install it manually.