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Microsoft will no longer support Windows Vista

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Vista was a troubled Windows version, it is also among the least popular. To make matters worse, it had the misfortune of being a successor to the Windows XP which was a user favorite at the time, very big shoes to fill.

Vista used to be very intensive of the computer resources. Specifications that ran Windows XP decently were insufficient for Vista. Even those that were powerful enough to handle Vista were met with bugs and glitches all over. Microsoft realized this and quickly released the awesome Windows 7.

With today’s news, the cease of support for Vista doesn’t mean the OS will stop functioning, it means that there will be no further security updates. Computers running Vista will be left vulnerable to future security attacks. Microsoft does this to encourage users to move to newer versions of Windows and to allocate their resources and focus to versions that have larger consumer usage.

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Windows 10 is quite revolutionary and it keeps getting better with frequent updates such as the Creators Update released today, it is a perfect time to make the leap. In case the move to the new windows tile based metro design is not to your liking, Windows 7 might be a better fit, it has similar UI and navigation as Vista.

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