SWIFT Delivery: Online Food Delivery Service for Southern Nigerian


Although online food delivery service is become getting quite popular in Nigeria, but the service is dominant in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and unavailable in some parts of the country.

Southern Nigeria happens to be one of the many parts of Nigeria yet to enjoy the simple, swift solution that comes with online food delivery services, and Isoko Walter has decided to change that.

In December 2016, he launched SWIFT Delivery to cater for residents of Southern Nigeria, specifically Edo state, thus claiming to be the only food delivery service found in the southern part of Nigeria.

Like other food delivery services, customers can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from their favourite restaurants on the platform and pay on delivery.

Users can log into the website or mobile app, and choose their city/area.  Then from a pop-up list of random restaurants in the area, customers can choose their preferred, browse through the menu and place orders.

To further facilitate efficiency, users receive an SMS or a CALL confirming their order and informing them of the delivery time.

The platform does not offer a 24-hour service at the moment, but the time window of 7 am to 8 pm is quite perfect for anyone, whether they are ordering breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each restaurant also has its opening times.

It’s good to know that technology developments is not being limited to Lagos, and entrepreneurs in other parts of Nigeria are joining in the trend. Even though SWIFT Delivery has giant competitors like Jumia Food and Foodstantly, catering to a particular market would sure give it an edge.