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This Startup is Providing Virtual Assistance for Nigerian Businesses

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Running a business is not a bed of roses like some might think. Many times, it requires combining tasks with growing a business and attending to clients. For entrepreneurs who are just starting out, it’s more challenging, as they have to juggle many tasks all by themselves. Hiring someone who’s perfect to take up some roles is also very challenging.

This challenge has given rise to outsourcing. More and more outsourcing platforms are springing up in Nigeria, and Prime Virtual Assistant has joined in.

Launched in September 2016 by Edoya Blessing, Prime Virtual Assistant is an online platform where virtual assistant services/administrative support is offered to businesses.

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Targeted at entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses, the platform provides services such as email management, business correspondence/invoicing, proofreading, feasibility study reports, online research, field-work research and more

One interesting feature of Prime Virtual Assistant is its shop, where users can literally shop for services they need. Just like the way you shop for items on other eCommerce platforms, each service has a price tag, and users simply add to their cart.

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Services are offered to clients from all parts of Nigeria, and they can sign up for packages ranging from ₦50,000 to ₦140,000 monthly.

With the world constantly evolving, more and more companies are embracing outsourcing rather than having huge staff payrolls. Nigerian businesses have, for a while now, been embracing foreign outsourcing platforms due to its unavailability in Nigeria. But with local platforms now springing up, the idea of outsourcing would in no time gain more grounds in Nigeria.

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